Welcome to the feywild, adventurer! The Witchlight Carnival is here for your entertainment in The Wild Beyond The Witchlight!

This upcoming adventure will be able to lead characters from level 1 through to 8, allowing you to explore the Plane of Faerie for the first time! Discover secrets of the carnival, jump into the domain of Prismeer, and fight against the Hourless Coven!

This source book introduces a full campaign non-combat option for players who may want to try outwitting or diplomatically dealing with challenges in the book. Don’t hesitate to question if there is another way out of a situation – you may be surprised what you can accomplish.

This adventure also welcomes two brand new races to Faerun! Explore the wilds as a fairy or a haregon, a humanoid rabbit! If that’s not enough, check out the two new backgrounds, the Feylost and the Witchlight Hand!

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight comes out on September 21st, 2021!

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