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Tyson Fraleigh - July 27, 2021

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight!

Welcome to the feywild, adventurer! The Witchlight Carnival is here for your entertainment in The Wild Beyond The Witchlight!

This upcoming adventure will be able to lead characters from level 1 through to 8, allowing you to explore the Plane of Faerie for the first time! Discover secrets of the carnival, jump into the domain of Prismeer, and fight against the Hourless Coven!

This source book introduces a full campaign non-combat option for players who may want to try outwitting or diplomatically dealing with challenges in the book. Don’t hesitate to question if there is another way out of a situation – you may be surprised what you can accomplish.

This adventure also welcomes two brand new races to Faerun! Explore the wilds as a fairy or a haregon, a humanoid rabbit! If that’s not enough, check out the two new backgrounds, the Feylost and the Witchlight Hand!

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight comes out on September 21st, 2021!

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Tyson Fraleigh - July 23, 2021

Tal’Dorei Reborn!

Hello Critters far and wide! Tal’Dorei and the adventures of Vox Machinia is returning in a big way with the upcoming Tal’Dorei Reborn source book!

This brand new source book is an update on the last Tal’Dorei campaign setting book, Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting. Tal’Dorei Reborn will pick up where the last campaign setting left off, giving information about what Tal’Dorei looks like after the end of the Mighty Nine’s arc. Find out where the rest of Vox Machinia is up to, rediscover ancient ruins across the continent, or fight for the Tal’Dorei Council in Emon!

This source book will also have nine brand new subclasses, including Runechild Sorcerer, Moon Cleric, and Blood Magic wizard! That’s not even mentioning all of the backgrounds and magical items that will be introduced.

While there is no official release date yet for Tal’Dorei Reborn, you should expect this source book to arrive in stock in late 2021 – early 2022.

Tal'Dorei Reborn

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Tyson Fraleigh - June 10, 2021

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

Strixhaven is coming to D&D! Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is the brand new game setting by Wizards of the Coast that will be coming to game shops this year!

Explore the rich and wild world of Strixhaven in this new source book. Take on the role of a student at one of the five colleges: Lorehold, Quandrix, Prismari, Silverquill, or Witherbloom. Whether your story is a coming of age, Hogwarts-esque adventure, or perhaps something more sinister in the lands outside of Strixhaven, there is a lot to explore.

Early editions of the different Strixhaven college subclasses are available now! Check them out here!

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos comes out November 16th, 2021!

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Tyson Fraleigh - June 1, 2021

The Vacationer’s Guide to Dread Domains

Dread domains get a bad rep. Everyone’s been to Ravenloft and thinks all of them are just vampire aristocracy and heartbreak. But there is more out there. There is a land of horror and pain for every player, you just got to find the right one.

So, for your traveling pleasure, check out some of these unexpected domains that just might tickle your fancy.

Cyre 1313

You may know the name Cyre as a region in Eberron that was destroyed by an event known as the Mourning. The mysterious tragedy killed everyone in the area, leeching into the nearby terrain. However, not everyone died – or so they think.

One lightning rail holding a collection of passengers still exists out in the Mists. This lightning rail was consumed by the Mists just before the Mourning destroyed the land. The passengers within do not know how they got into the Mists, or where they’re going, but there is only one thing they know for certain – their alive.

But are they?


Make sure you bring Brenden Frasier along with you on this one, because mummies are everywhere. Har’Akir is a domain of endless desert, filled with undead and riches. Those who live here are under the thumb of the pharaoh Ankhtepot, who forces people to search for the hidden treasures littering Har’Akir. Those who disobey are damned by the strict gods of the pantheon that only Ankhtepot can speak to.

Out in the endless wastes, there is one treasure waiting – greater than any gift possible. And Ankhtepot will stop at nothing to get it. There is only one question to be asked – who is going to get it first?


It is time for revolution! End to the big fleshlings!

For the town of Odaire, there are no more adults. They were murdered by the puppet Figilo after being brought to life by his father Guiseppe. The adults of Odaire questioned if Figilo was really alive or just an elaborate toy, so they kept their children away. Now only children reign supreme, looking to their leader Figilo (now taking the name Maligno) to bring them to a bright future.

God, Pinocchio got dark.


If you happen to run a Strahd game, I suggest that this plane is somewhere close by. This small plane is a music hall inhabited by a former king named Doerdon. Doerdon made laughter forbidden, killing anyone who disobeyed him. Once he was pulled into the Mists, he now has a new purpose – whenever he has guests, he is forced to entertain others. But, Doerdon is not alone. He has a puppet who looks like Strahd von Zarovich, who shouts and cries that he is the real Strahd.

Fun, huh?


If you are looking for a night of theatre, then we have you covered.

Once a moderately successful playwright, Lemont Sediam Juste rose to fame for his horrifying productions, filled with revenge and blood. However, when Lemont premiered a show that was less than bloody, the audience became bored and dissatisfied. Now, Lemont writes a new show every night, forced to write bloody shows that he no longer has interest in just to feed the audience’s bloodlust.

Vhage Agency

Vhage Agency is very small domain located here and there. This black and white tinted domain is the home of Flimira “Flintlock” Vhage, the detective in charge of the agency. If your party encounters this dread domain, they may be sent on a series of mysteries by Flimira, Brooklyn-accent and all.

The only trouble is that she is the cause of every one of her cases. Once a reknowned detective, Flimira is now a low-cut criminal, but will never admit to it. Will your adventurers catch her? Or will she get away, waiting to strike again?

This list is only a taste of numerous other options. You can learn all about the other domain options in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft!

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Tyson Fraleigh - March 25, 2021

Unearthed Arcana: A Journey to the Dark Side

So – you have gone through every adventure available, and you’re looking for something to spice up your world? Unearthed Arcana is a great way to find some interesting hooks to set in your players.

But what should you add into your game? There is a huge amount of material released by Wizards of the Coast, so what are the highlights?

Let’s jump into the land of overpowered abilities together.

For The Power Gamers: Mystic

Everyone’s heard of it. The Mystic is the bane of every game – a DMs nightmare. But that hasn’t stopped starry eyed, long experienced players from trying to make sense of this convoluted class.

There is just so many things it can do. Want to be a fast moving, teleporting trickster? Do it. Want to be able to manipulate the elements? Totally cool.

Want be able to make yourself so small you can fit through a inch wide crack in a wall? Go off sis.

The versatility of this class is great, which is why it is so difficult to control – with so many things going on, you might accidentally flub up some key abilities. If you decide to try this class, just make sure you know EVERYTHING you can do. All of it.

Check out the Mystic class here!

For Halloween Lovers: Gothic Lineages

You were really hoping to join a Vampire: The Masquerade game, but all your friends really wanted to play D&D. That’s fine – you can still live your undead self.

Whether you want to be a new undead, a dhampir, or even a child of hags, Gothic Lineages will keep you covered. All these race options will offer you some truly unique character flavour abilities.

Plus… you get to be the child of a vampire! Or witches! How cool is that? How could you not make your next character something spooky and shifty?

Check out the Gothic Lineages here!

For Arcane Tattoo Artist: Magic Tattoos

Want to both be able to cast spells and look like an absolute punk? Then why not try magic tattoos?

Whether caster or non-caster, arcane be right at your fingertips. Want a Barbarian that can cast spells while out of Rage? Want to conserve some spell slots? Magic tattoos are your rechargeable spell scrolls, giving you a bonus reason to go into a fight without a shirt on (this will help Bard’s especially).

You can also use magic tattoos to boost ability scores, gain damage resistances, and gain some unique special abilities. What you make of it is up to you, just get ready for a wild ride.

Check out Magic Tattoos here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - January 22, 2021

Candlekeep Mysteries Release Notes!

It’s time to dive into the upcoming release Candlekeep Mysteries for Dungeons and Dragons!

This anthology of D&D adventures takes players between the levels of 1-16 on seventeen different encounters through the Forgotten Realms! Enjoy adventures in the library fortress written by Christopher Perkins, Mark Hulmes, Amy Vorpahl, and more!

Candlekeep attracts scholars like a flame attracts moths. Historians, sages, and others who crave knowledge flock to this library fortress to peruse its vast collection of books, scribbled into which are the answers to the mysteries that bedevil them. Many of these books contain their own mysteries—each one a doorway to adventure. Dare you cross that threshold?

Release Date: March 16th, 2020

candlekeep mysteries

General Cover.


candlekeep mysteries hobby shop

Hobby Shop edition alternate cover.

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Tyson Fraleigh - January 19, 2021

Finding Your Next RPG Podcast

We’ve all been there before – you’re caught up on Critical Role, already re-listened to The Adventure Zone, and re-watched Gilear getting caught eating yogurt for the six hundredth time on Dimension 20. Where do you go now? Is there no other RPG podcast content to go to?

How will you find the will to go to the grocery store, or the pharmacy? Is this all life is?

Don’t worry, my game deprived wanderer. There are more splendors to behold without going into an existential crisis.

Not Another D&D Podcast

I know, I know, you’ve probably heard of this one before, but we must ensure all hear of it.

Not Another D&D Podcast is run by DM Brian Murphy, with players Jake Herwitz, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner. If you recognize these names but don’t know who they are, you more than likely are an old school CollegeHumor fan and just found the gold mine of comedy content.

The Two-Crew has just begun their second campaign, but the first arc is one hundred episodes of absolute madness that anyone can enjoy. Join Hardwon Surefoot, Moonshine Cybin, and Beverly Toegold the Fifth as they travel through the land known as Bahumia. If that is a little too goofy high fantasy for your liking, then jump into the second campaign into the land of Eldermourne, where Fia Boginya, Henry Hogfish, and Zirk Vervain are on their way to solve a dark and spooky mystery about their long lost allies, and the mysterious horrors all around…

And if that’s too goofy for you then – I don’t know what to tell you. Just listen to it.

Website: https://www.naddpod.com/

Dungeons and Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies (Not A BDSM Podcast) is the wonderful brain child of Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, Will Campos, Beth May, and Anthony Burch. These performers have been all over the internet, from starting successful YouTube channels, to writing for video games like Borderlands 2 and League of Legends.

With Anthony Burch as the DM, these absolute mad lads play various father figures trying to get their children back after being teleported into a fantasy dimension. Matt Arnold plays Darryl Wilson, home body sports dad that has his eyes set on becoming the head coach; Will Campos plays Henry Oak, the Birkenstock wearing, granola eating geologist hippie; Beth May plays Ron Stampler, a throat singing step-father who has severe imposter syndrome; and Freddie Wong plays Glenn Close, a Christmas rock cover band singer.

It is important to note that this is not a BDSM podcast. Totally not. Not in any way does this game have BDSM in it. Nuh-uh.

(But maybe it will before you know it…)

Website: https://www.dungeonsanddaddies.com/

The Film Reroll

Now, we enter the true heart of chaos. The Film Reroll podcast is what happens when you take classic movies across nerd culture and make them into RPG sessions. The cast does change from time to time, the master mind behind most of these sessions is Paulo Quiros, running games around such franchises as Oceans 11, Back to the Future, and The Wizard of Oz. The cast always has a lot of fun, and the Halloween episode is worth the price of admission right off the bat. You won’t be disappointed.

Website: https://www.filmreroll.com/

Got any more D&D/RPG podcasts to suggest? Leave them down in the comments below!

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