It’s the Fossil Maniac here, coming at you with another Pokémon TCG Top Ten list. This time, we celebrate the arrival of the latest Pokémon set Chilling Reign.

Honorable Mention: Zeraora V

Zeraora V adds a new flavor to the Rapid Strike deck with its powerful lightning typing. With the arrival of powerful water-type support, lightning coverage might be crucial now more than ever. Stick this Pokémon in a Rapid Strike Urshifu build and reap the benefits.

#10: Echo Horn

Echo horn is an extremely versatile item card that is sure to see play in the ever-popular Rapid Strike archetype. Searchable with Octillery from Battle Styles, Echo Horn’s strength is reinforced by its synergy with Urshifu Rapid Strike VMAX. Simply return an opponent’s Pokémon from their discard pile onto their bench and use Urshifu’s G-Max Rapid Flow to slap 120 damage onto that newly benched creature. Because it’s an item card, you aren’t limited to using a single copy per turn either. Using two in a single turn lets you hit multiple targets with Urshifu’s powerful attack to collect multiple prize cards at once.

#9: Galarian Moltres V

As the bird trio returns in their Galarian forms, their brand-new typing allows them to support some of the most powerful Pokémon in the format. The darkness typing of Galarian Moltres V is notable for its ability to power up your Eternatus VMAX. This powerful phoenix can attach Darkness energies from your discard pile onto itself. Follow through with an Energy Switch to attach this energy onto your Eternatus VMAX and accelerate into its Dread End attack. With this classic bird by its side, Eternatus VMAX may even be able to stand up to its greatest fighting-type threats.

#8: Passimian

The Rapid Strike archetype adds a new basic Pokémon onto its roster in the form of Passimian. Passimian’s ability allows his fellow Rapid Strike Pokémon to deal an additional 30 damage onto your opponents benched Pokémon-V and Pokémon-GX. This ability is extremely powerful in decks tailored for damaging the opponent’s bench. It also combos great alongside Echo Horn and Urshifu Rapid Strike VMAX.

#7: Galarian Zapdos V

Another one of the classic birds reimagined in a new form is Galarian Zapdos V. This card can be splashed into any deck which uses Aurora Energy to easily take down an opponent’s Eternatus VMAX. Since its Thunderous Kick attack costs [C] less for each of your opponent’s Pokémon-V in play, a single [F] energy is all you need to one-hit-KO your opponent’s Eternatus VMAX or Crobat V.

#6: Fog Crystal

It’s no secret that the psychic type is making its most impactful return since the release of Dragapult VMAX all the way back in Rebel Clash. Fog Crystal is a powerful item card which allows you to add a Basic [P] Pokémon or a [P] energy from your deck to your hand. This will help you quickly filter out your most powerful cards in the early game. You will be able to establish and accelerate a Shadow Rider Calyrex V or Cresselia onto the board right away.

Chilling Reign

#5: Melony

Melony is the best the archetype-specific supporter in Chilling Reign, if not in the entire Sword & Shield TCG series. Comparable to the Welder trainer card for Fire-type decks, Melony has the ability to accelerate a [W]-energy onto your powerful Pokémon-V right from your discard pile, while drawing you 3 cards from your deck. This supporter undoubtedly has the potential to carry any Water-themed deck to victory and allows them to compete at top tables with ease.

Chilling Reign

#4: Cresselia

Cresselia is an all-new Psychic-Type incarnation of Volcanion from Unbroken Bonds. Every Shadow Rider Calyrex V player will want this absolute unit of a basic Pokémon as their starter at the beginning of each game. For just a single [P] energy you can attach three additional [P] energies onto your Shadow Rider. Search it out with a Fog Crystal on your first turn to make sure that your Shadow Rider Calyrex V is accelerated and ready to knock out any Pokémon in its way as soon as turn 2!

Chilling Reign

#3: Path to The Peak

Path to The Peak is one of the strongest stadium cards introduced in the modern Pokémon TCG. Though it may be impervious to your opponent playing their own stadium cards, Path to The Peak stops all abilities from any Pokémon with a rule box. This includes reliable draw cards such as Crobat V and Dedenne-GX who can individually replenish an opponent’s empty hand. Path to The Peak is the ultimate anti-meta stadium card, stopping even the all-powerful Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX in its tracks.

Chilling Reign

#2: Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX is the Water-type superstar of Chilling Reign, using your opponent’s numbers to your advantage. Its Ride of the High Kings attack deals 30 additional damage for every one of your opponents benched Pokemon. If you have Melony in hand, you can also freely use its Max Lance attack to inflict 120 damage for each energy you discard from it. Follow through with Melony to attach your discarded energy right back onto it or simply attach two more using Frosmoth’s (Sword & Shield) ability!

Chilling Reign

#1: Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

Much to the dismay of its Water-type counterpart, Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX rides to the number one spot of our Chilling Reign Top Ten list. The advantage of running a deck centered around this regal rider is its fantastic typing which puts it in a position to hit weakness on Urshifu Rapid Strike VMAX. Combined with Cresselia and Fog Crystal, Shadow Rider Calyrex V and VMAX are introduced with a complete psychic-type package.

This Pokémon also comes with built-in acceleration. Its ability lets you attach a [P] energy from your hand to a benched Pokémon while drawing you two cards. This allows you to build up a devastating attack which deals 30 additional damage for every [P] energy you have in play, knocking out any Pokémon your opponent can throw at you.

Chilling Reign

That’s all for today everyone. As always, we appreciate you tuning into The Bag of Loot’s very own Top Ten Pokémon TCG list. Catch you at the pre-release!

Advice from a fossil: Learn from the past, don’t fall apart under pressure, and make a good impression!

Chilling Reign comes out June 18th!

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