Brought to you by the creative minds of Damon Poitier and Hannibal Tabu, The Sundering is an upcoming 5e supplement! Discover the secrets that linger deep beneath the Zwari Nation, and the rest of the world of Emperiahl itself…

Dimensions and worlds collide in the land of Emperiahl. Other worlds are only a step away… if you know where to find the door. You and your party will need to explore the lands of this strange, shifting magic world and discover the startling truth – that Emperiahl lives on top of the ruins of a long forgotten world.

Is that world Faerun, left and discarded to ruin after thousands of years? Is it Exandria, now the post-post-apocalypse? Maybe even Earth? The choice is yours. Steal elements of whatever world you choose, and blend them into the world of Emperiahl to make something truly unique.

But this does not solve the biggest questions – why? What happened to this long forgotten world? Why are the planes so strained and easy to travel through? Players will need to utilize everything they can, including new spells, subclasses, and magic items to defeat terrifying new enemies, and save Emperiahl from falling to the same fate as the world beneath the sands…

The Sundering comes out in December of 2022! Back your copy here!

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