Werewolves, and Demons, and Devils, oh my! In Mammoth Chronicles: Book I, take players on a series of adventures, levels 4 through 11, as they face beasts, devils, and space monsters alike!

In this upcoming 5e supplement, DMs and players will be able to explore new territories and monsters alike. If you are already running a full length campaign, then use these one shot adventures as small side missions to dive into while you wait for the next main story hook.

Players will get the chance to save a tavern filled with people from destruction in Curse of the Skinwalkers; jump into a hellish forge and slay the beasts within in Infernal Forges; face off against Eldritch monsters at the edge of the world in Voidstalkers; take the Dragon Empire head on in Dragons of the Immortal Flame; traverse a living jungle and destroy the evil corrupting it in The Sprawl; explore the desert of Everdune to fight serpent beasts beneath the sands in Everdune – Wrath of the Ekrothari; race against time itself in the Temple of Time; and dive deep beneath the waves to face underwater vampires and mysterious alien creatures in Bloodlords of the Deep.

In addition to terrifying monsters to face, there are also some powerful items to obtain. Each adventure will include some powerful goodies to reward players who can successfully defeat these creatures of ruin!

Mammoth Chronicles: Book I comes out in February, 2023! Back your copy here!

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