It is time to get your ghost investigation team together! Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor is a group escape room game. Explore and escape eight different rooms inside this mansion, facing off against different dangers through each doorway!

You and your friends are the newest additions to a paranormal investigation team. All of you will require all of your wit, intelligence, and determination to solve each case. Explore the 3D model of each room carefully, and use the supplied case files to explore what really happened in this ancient manor.

Whenever you complete a room, you can consult your answer wheel to determine if all of your deductions have been correct. Each completed room will lead you to another, letting you further explore the building, leading you closer to the dark secrets within the halls of this house.

But don’t think that every case will be solved just by completing a room. You will need to complete multiple rooms within the house to fully solve each and every case. If you are feeling lost or unable to get to the next room, perhaps there is another clue that slipped beneath your nose in the room past. You never know what may be hiding in plain sight…

Are demons and devils involved in this sinister site? Or is it nothing more than superstition?

Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor comes out in February, 2023! Back your copy here!

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