Toys unite! The Boogeyman is coming and there is only one way we will be able to save the child in our care… and that is to become The Stuff of Legend!

The Stuff of Legends is a co-op board game all about saving your owner from the monsters under the bed. Work together in order to defeat the armies of forgotten toys and banish the Boogeyman for good!

However, not all of your allies are who they say they are… some are working for the Boogeyman himself, ready to subtly sabotage the your rescue of the boy at every possible chance.

Take on the role of nine possible heroes! Use your special abilities to inspire other soldiers to fight for your cause, and face off against the Boogeyman’s henchmen!

But don’t think that just because you are a hero that you are without sin. Every hero has the possibility to change allegiances to the other side. There is also always that chance that if you do something that insults or hurts your team members, your party might just fall apart…

The Stuff of Legend Artwork

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