Set in an age of myth and legend, Follow Me Down is a upcoming short RPG by Joie Martin. Based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Follow Me Down is a two player game about travelling to Hades for love of some kind or other.

Begin the game by creating two characters that are similar in archetype to Orpheus and Eurydice – one the lover who died too soon, the other willing to do anything to get them back. Each Lover has their own abilities that they can use to return to their loved one.

Each game is set in eight different sections. These sections are different Books of the Dead, each built to explore a character’s journey. The game comes to its narrative climax with a scene known as The Gauntlet of Hope and Regret, where the two players decide what happens in the end together. The final scene is the Denouement, or the epilogue to the game, where the players decide what happens to each character after everything.

This game is Powered by the Apocalypse, so if you are familiar with games such as Monsterhearts or Apocalypse World, you will be ahead of the curve. The big twist of this game is that it is GMless… kinda. The two players will trade back and forth being the GM (or The Fates as the game calls them), allowing each character to have time to figure out how to survive the Underworld alone. How will they grow? How will they change?

Follow Me Down Artwork

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