Based on the award-winning Image comic, CHEW: The Roleplaying Game is all about saving the world from food related crimes. Take on the role of a detective working for the Special Divisions Unit to stop criminals from selling the most dangerous food of all…


After a massive bird flu outbreak killed millions, the sale of poultry has been deemed illegal. Face off against poultry dealers and superpowered foodie villains as they try to smuggle and sell birds across the world!

Creating a character for CHEW is equal parts gritty and comedy. Your character should be filled with quirks and dark secrets. Whatever you build, there are some odd powers you can wield. Perhaps you will be a tank who can wield tortilla chips as lethal weapons, or a the division’s nice guy who can make friends with animals after eating their gelatin.

This game is based on the Forged in the Dark game rule set – you may recognize the rule set if you have played Blades in the Dark or Band of Blades. CHEW will have some specific in-game mechanics, including Appetite. With Appetite, you can gain an additional die to roll, activate a flashback scene, or help out another character. However, the game will still have familiar rules, such as Resistance, allowing characters to resist some of the consequences they may face from a failed roll or action.

Above all things, remember you are all solving a mystery – so get the corkboard and string, and figure out what is really going on here!

CHEW: The Roleplaying Game Art

CHEW: The Roleplaying Game comes out in May 2022!

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