Welcome to the Northern Expanse adventurer! Beast is a team combat campaign style game all about destroying dangerous creatures! Take up your blade, bow, or whatever you use, and start the battle for the North!

As humanity began to settle in the Expanse, civilization quickly flourished. The land was plentiful, perfect for farming, fishing, and hunting. However, after more and more territory was cut away from the land, nature decided to fight back. Monsters and beasts began to rain down havoc on the communities of the Northern Expanse. Now, an elite group of hunters have been initiated to take on these monsters. Take back your home, one swing at a time!

Work together with your other monster hunter allies to gain resources, save citizens, and kill creatures! Draw cards to use your special class abilities, whether it be dealing extra damage or tracking monsters faster. But beware – the monsters get stronger with every creature they hunt and eat. Make sure to find them quickly, or you may find yourselves in over your heads!

Beast Presentation Artwork

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