Every great GM knows that there is always more to learn about your craft. Whether you are just starting on your game-mastering journey, or you have been in the hot seat for a while, The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM will be a must on your gaming shelf.

Written by Great Game Master host Guy Sclanders, The Practical Guide will offer hours and hours worth of advice in its bound pages. Learn how to build and upgrade your encounters so they are both balanced and challenging. Discover why people are attracted to TTRPGs to begin with, and how to inspire interest throughout your gaming career. Build a world you love to play in, fill it with interesting villains, and learn how to do it all yourself!

The Practical Guide will contain three different sections to help hone your craft: Phase One will be about why we play RPGs; Phase Two will be about how to build a world and adventures you can have pride in; and Phase Three will be about how both the world outside the game and the world within the game come together.

While this book will not be coming out till September 2022, there is still a lot of works by Guy Sclanders to catch up on. Check out Great Game Master on YouTube, and read his previous two books The Complete Guide To Creating Epic Campaigns and The Complete Guide for Creating Nautical Campaigns!

The Practical Guide to be a Great GM

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