The Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 is a brand new box set to help organize and revamp your next Digimon TCG game! Fill your deck with brand new art reprint cards and impress your opponents with a beautiful playmat, deck box, and more!

Following up from Tamer’s Evolution Box 1, this brand new Evolution Box set will include everything you need to keep your deck and cards protected with style. This Tamer Box will include:

  • An exclusive playmat
  • An exclusive memory gauge and marker
  • Fifty deck sleeves and five Digi-Egg Deck sleeves
  • An exclusive deck box
  • Alternate art reprint cards
  • And a large storage box to hold all your goodies!

Every Digimon player and/or collector will want to get their hands on this set! The Evolution Box won’t be around for long, so make sure to pick up your copy while supplies last!

The Tamer’s Evolution Box 2 is out now! Get your copy from Three Kings Loot here!

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