Dimensional Phase is the newest booster set release for the Digimon TCG! It’s time to power up your Xros Wars decks and discover new Digimon cards based on the Digimon World series!

Looking to spice up your Xros Wars decks? Then look no further! No matter your colour combination, you can strengthen your deck and gain new deck win-cons with a new collection of Xros Digimon. Whether you throw in Shoutmon, Madleomon: Armed Mode, or the dangerous Bagramon into your deck, you will be swinging for the fences soon enough.

Looking for some new Digimon to add to your deck? Then check out Vemmon, Snatchmon, Destromon, and Galacticmon and boost your next deck build to victory!

Need some ideas of what deck to build next? There are plenty of great strategies coming out of this set! Check out four potential deck builds on the Digimon website! Channel the powers of a red Bird and Beasts deck, a black Galacticmon deck, a green Jijimon deck, and a yellow/black KingSukamon deck!

This booster set includes:

  • 44 Common Cards
  • 30 Uncommon Cards
  • 26 Rare Cards
  • 12 Super Rare Cards
  • 3 Secret Rare Cards
  • 18 Alternate Art Cards

Each booster pack includes 12 cards, and each booster box will include 24 booster packs!

Dimensional Phase comes out on February 17th! Get your pre-release packs here!

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