The Four Great Dragons are taking their rightful place in the Digimon pantheon! Draconic Roar is the newest booster set release coming out for the Digimon TCG. Gather your dragon pals as you take to the skies for battle!

This set release has a lot to live up to. Not only will the Four Great Dragons be added to the scene, but some previously released dragon Dramon will be getting some boosts. Palidramon, Wingdramon, and Dinobeedramon will be getting some big updates, including colour and ability changes!

But that’s far from all! This set will introduce some brand new dragon Dramon with new abilities. These new creatures will help amplify your draconic abilities, and create a truly powerful dragon deck!

What should you expect in this set? Get ready for:

  • Common Cards: 26
  • Uncommon Cards: 20
  • Rare Cards: 18
  • Super Rare Cards: 8
  • Secret Rare Cards: 2

From these cards, there will 18 Parallel Cards for you to collect! Each booster pack will contain 12 cards, and each booster box will contain 24 packs. Each booster box will also include a special alternate art promo card!

Draconic Roar comes out on November 11th, 2022!

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