After its incredible first run, Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood is coming out with its second edition printing! Grab up to three of your friends and dive into a grimdark world filled with evil monsters and men alike. Get your gear and get ready to face off against massive beasts as you uncover the dark secrets within the city of Bastone!

Leap into the Deepwood with weapons in hand and descend into darkness, hunting the monsters within. Choose to play one of twelve different PC options, including the travelling warrior Ursus Warbearer, or the arcane adept Witch.

Once you’re ready, gather your equipment and explore the city of Bastone! Accept missions that will take all over the game map in order to fight the monsters that threaten civilization. Utilize the Battleflow System to keep you and your friends alive as each you hack and slash your way through enemies. Trigger your individual abilities to perform powerful attacks!

Once the fight is over, it’s time to uncover what has taken over the land. Each encounter leads to mystery boxes within the game, each with their own special reveal to drive the story forward. Discover what is really going on in the Deepwood, and within Bastone itself!

Don’t have anyone to play with? No problem! Oathsworn has its own solo mode built into the game. Lead the Free Company into battles following their instructional guide.

Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood – 2nd Edition comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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