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Tyson Fraleigh - September 22, 2023

Resurgence Booster!

Resurgence Booster is the next booster set coming out for the Digimon TCG! Power up your deck with some legendary reprints, powerful new Digimon, and beautiful new alt-art prints.

Legendary cards are getting reprints! Get your hands on these powerful cards from previous sets to take your deck to the next level. This includes previously exclusive promotional cards, including UlforceVeedramon Zero and WereGarurumon, which will add a competitive edge to your deck.

However, this set includes more than just reprints. Thirty-three new cards are coming to the set, including some powerful Digimon. Get your hands on Fumamon and Guilliedhumon from Digimon Ghost Game, Proximamon for an alternate Gammamon digivolution, and get a full build for Gammamon, Jellymon, and Angoramon decks!

If none of this was enough, there are also a lot of goodies for collectors in this set. Collect the alt-art parallel rares of Gammamon, Jellymon, Angoramon, Hiro Amanokawa, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, and Ruli Tsukiyono! Pick up the alt-art design for Siriusmon, and then make sure to grab the special English exclusive alt-art of nine specialty cards from the set.

Resurgence Booster comes out on September 29th, 2023!

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Tyson Fraleigh - October 27, 2022

Draconic Roar!

The Four Great Dragons are taking their rightful place in the Digimon pantheon! Draconic Roar is the newest booster set release coming out for the Digimon TCG. Gather your dragon pals as you take to the skies for battle!

This set release has a lot to live up to. Not only will the Four Great Dragons be added to the scene, but some previously released dragon Dramon will be getting some boosts. Palidramon, Wingdramon, and Dinobeedramon will be getting some big updates, including colour and ability changes!

But that’s far from all! This set will introduce some brand new dragon Dramon with new abilities. These new creatures will help amplify your draconic abilities, and create a truly powerful dragon deck!

What should you expect in this set? Get ready for:

  • Common Cards: 26
  • Uncommon Cards: 20
  • Rare Cards: 18
  • Super Rare Cards: 8
  • Secret Rare Cards: 2

From these cards, there will 18 Parallel Cards for you to collect! Each booster pack will contain 12 cards, and each booster box will contain 24 packs. Each booster box will also include a special alternate art promo card!

Draconic Roar comes out on November 11th, 2022!

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Tyson Fraleigh - March 22, 2022

New Awakening!

New Awakening is the next upcoming booster box release for the Digimon TCG! This set will see some powerful introductions into the game, including brand new dual colour Digimon and Tamers and Armor Form Digimon!

Why only take one colour when you can take the best of two? That’s right – this set release will introduce dual colour cards to start building into dual mana decks! Mix and match red, blue, yellow, green, black, or purple decks to your hearts desire, creating dangerous match ups. Use dual Tamer cards to help boost your memory and even unsuspend your multicolour Digimon, such as Davis Motomiya & Ken Ichijoji!

Multicolour Digimon are not the only powerful forms taking the meta by storm. Armor Form Digimon from Digimon Adventure 02 are making their TCG debut! These powerful alternative Digivolve forms will offer massive possibilities when it comes to how you want to build and power your new decks.

If you happen to be more collector than player, there are still many goodies to get your hands on. Keep your eyes out for some powerful parallel Tamer cards to build up your memory in a big way! Also be prepared for some pre-release versions of AeroVeedramon Zero and UlforceVeedramon Zero to pop up for booster box toppers.

New Awakening comes out on May 6th, 2022!

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Tyson Fraleigh - January 13, 2022

Next Adventure!

Next Adventure is coming soon! This booster set for Digimon will be introducing brand new cards, card types, and powerful new tamer cards to the meta!

Next Adventure will see the release of brand new powerful creatures known as Hybrid Digimon. Introduced in Digimon Frontier, these powerful creatures will hold legendary strength! We will have to keep an eye out for such names as Agunimon, EmperorGreymon, MagnaGarurumon, and Susanoomon!

But don’t think that the creatures are the only things getting a boost in this set. We are getting brand new tamer cards to help dominate the battlefield! With these brand new tamers, you will be able to digivolve into powerful Hybrid Digimon evolutions. Takuya Kanbara allows you to digivolve into EmperorGreymon, while Koji Minamoto will allow you to go into MagnaGarurumon! And that is not even getting into the four other new tamers entering the game.

Each booster pack will include 12 cards each, and every booster box will have 24 booster packs. With each purchase of a booster box, you will get a special parallel design card of one of the new tamers. You will also get a special promo pack with an alternative art Memory Boost card in one of the six deck colours!

Next Adventure comes out on March 4th, 2022!

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Tyson Fraleigh - June 16, 2021

Digimon: Great Legend!

Great Legend is here! Dive into the new colours of the Digimon world in this brand new set release!

Great Legend is the fourth booster set for the game and it does not disappoint. This set is a huge boost to all seven card colours! Whether you be Red Aggro or Purple Resurrection, this set has everything you need to get a push into the meta. Not only does this set contain brand new tamers for every deck, this set also contains the powerful Chaosmon in White!

This set also offers collectors some rare possibilities. Check out these beauties!

Great Legend Great Legend Great Legend

Great Legend is available now! Pick up your booster pack/booster box today!

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Tyson Fraleigh - March 30, 2021

Digimon: Green, Black, Purple Deck Analysis

Welcome back to Digimon! With the newest starter decks coming out soon, you may be wondering what each of these new decks do. Or, maybe you just want to prep your current deck to still be a solid meta option when these decks drop in May. In any case, I am here to help make sure you know how to chain these combo decks together for maximum impact.

Let’s dive right in!

Machine Black

Machine Black is an aggro dream. Black decks are focused on unsuspending their own monsters and utilizing blockers as much as possible. It is a very specific kind of combo deck that often chains unsuspending cards with blocking attacks.

To start, try to digi-volve your Digi-Egg, Kapurimon, into Megadramon to give it a +1000 DP because it has the blocker ability. Also try and get Darktyrannomon on the field, netting all the blocker benefits as possible. Get the tamer Tai Kamiya onto the field to offer an unsuspend option whenever one of your blockers is doing it’s thing. Your end game is to get Machinedramon and Blitzgreymon on the field; Machinedramon will help keep your Digimon unsuspended, and Blitzgreymon will boost whatever Digimon are attacking that turn. As long as you make sure you have a healthy amount of blockers on your side of the field, you will be able to hit hard with nothing coming through.


Giga Green

While Machine Black is dedicated to unsuspending your own Digimon, Giga Green is devoted to resting your opponents Digimon. This control method will make it a

Start by digi-volving the Digi-Egg, Motimon, into Herculeskabuterimon. With Herculeskabuterimon digi-volved from Motimon,  Herculeskabuterimon will get a +1000. With Herculeskabuterimon, you can start resting your opponent’s Digimon. Throw in Izzy Izumi to gain a +1 Memory for each of your opponents Digimon that is being rested. This will be made even more powerful by dropping a Mega Blaster, returning a rested Digimon to your opponents hand. While this alone is not particularly powerful, it is crippling when you discover that all digi-volved cards attached to the bounced card are sent to the trash. In which case, you can destroy someone’s entire digi-volved progress, destroying multiple turns worth of work.

This deck is going to be a headache, and I’m here for it.


Venomous Violet

Venomous Violet will more than likely be a personal favourite (says the blue/black fan boy, I know). Violet decks are focused on boosting the Digimon on the field with the Digimon in your trash.

Pagumon, the Digi-Egg of this deck, and the Digimon Gabumon help you ramp your deck by trashing Digimon from your deck or your hand. Go into Weregarurumon once you have five cards in the trash to get a +5000 DP. Once you have the memory for it, go into Nail Bone to bring back two basic Digimon from your trash. Then digi-volve out into Cresgarurmon to bring back any heavy hitters who were destroyed too soon, and swing with everything. It’s pretty hard to beat that.


Machine Black, Giga Green, and Venomous Violet come out on May 28th, 2021!

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Tyson Fraleigh - March 22, 2021

Digimon: Choosing Your Deck!

If you are getting your first steps into Digimon, you may be wondering where to start. A while ago, I announced the 1.0 starter decks being released at Three Kings Loot. However, I didn’t go into what each of these decks do specifically. Because of this, I wanted to go into a more detailed explanation of how to use these decks.

I will also be doing this kind of break down with the release of the three new decks coming out in May!

Ready to strategize? Let’s get to what these decks do!

Gaia Red

Gaia Red is a true aggro deck. The whole point of a red deck is to knock out your opponents Digimon and security levels as quickly as possible. Digimon in this deck have large power levels mixed with extra security card removal.

This strategy is kicked off by raising your digi-egg slowly up into WarGreymon. WarGreymon boosts the amount of cards you can knock out in a single security check from one to three. Next up, Greymon out onto the field and you will be able to start checking two security cards per attack. Boost your Digimon’s power by playing Starlight Explosion or Shadow Wing to tank any Digimon your opponent plays. Use Giga Destroyer and Gaia Force as spot removal and your opponent will find their board absolutely destroyed.

Cocytus Blue

Cocytus Blue is a very interesting deck. It’s main focus is devolving your opponent’s Digimon, boosting your own Digimon in the process.

Start by digi-volving up to MetalGarurumon. Next, get Gabumon, Garurumon, and/or Zudomon on the field as quickly as possible. These three cards will help devolve your opponents Digimon as quickly.

Boost your memory by playing Matt Ishida and Hammer Spark to the field. After playing MetalGarurumon to the field, use your extra memory to play into WereGarurumon. Use MetalGarurumon to destroy any troublesome Digimon, then use WereGarurumon to wipe out your opponents security cards.


Heaven’s Yellow

Heaven’s Yellow is a great counter deck. Numerous cards allow you to boost your Digimon’s power level, and even to gain back your security level cards if you have lost any.

Start by digi-volving into Seraphimon. Next, play Angemon, MagnaAngemon, or Angewomon as quickly as possible to boost your memory or security level. Use Heaven’s Gate, Heaven’s Charm, or Seven Heavens to boost your Digimon and cripple your opponent’s cards. Throw in Holy Flame if your opponent’s Digimon ever attacks your security level, reducing the damage. Once Seraphimon gets onto the field, use this big bad angel to pick off any Digimon that your opponent has. Swing in with the rest of your Digimon, and win the game!

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Tyson Fraleigh - March 19, 2021

Game On! – Digimon

Check out this week’s episode of Game On! It’s time to learn how to play the Digimon TCG!

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