Welcome back to Digimon! With the newest starter decks coming out soon, you may be wondering what each of these new decks do. Or, maybe you just want to prep your current deck to still be a solid meta option when these decks drop in May. In any case, I am here to help make sure you know how to chain these combo decks together for maximum impact.

Let’s dive right in!

Machine Black

Machine Black is an aggro dream. Black decks are focused on unsuspending their own monsters and utilizing blockers as much as possible. It is a very specific kind of combo deck that often chains unsuspending cards with blocking attacks.

To start, try to digi-volve your Digi-Egg, Kapurimon, into Megadramon to give it a +1000 DP because it has the blocker ability. Also try and get Darktyrannomon on the field, netting all the blocker benefits as possible. Get the tamer Tai Kamiya onto the field to offer an unsuspend option whenever one of your blockers is doing it’s thing. Your end game is to get Machinedramon and Blitzgreymon on the field; Machinedramon will help keep your Digimon unsuspended, and Blitzgreymon will boost whatever Digimon are attacking that turn. As long as you make sure you have a healthy amount of blockers on your side of the field, you will be able to hit hard with nothing coming through.


Giga Green

While Machine Black is dedicated to unsuspending your own Digimon, Giga Green is devoted to resting your opponents Digimon. This control method will make it a

Start by digi-volving the Digi-Egg, Motimon, into Herculeskabuterimon. With Herculeskabuterimon digi-volved from Motimon,  Herculeskabuterimon will get a +1000. With Herculeskabuterimon, you can start resting your opponent’s Digimon. Throw in Izzy Izumi to gain a +1 Memory for each of your opponents Digimon that is being rested. This will be made even more powerful by dropping a Mega Blaster, returning a rested Digimon to your opponents hand. While this alone is not particularly powerful, it is crippling when you discover that all digi-volved cards attached to the bounced card are sent to the trash. In which case, you can destroy someone’s entire digi-volved progress, destroying multiple turns worth of work.

This deck is going to be a headache, and I’m here for it.


Venomous Violet

Venomous Violet will more than likely be a personal favourite (says the blue/black fan boy, I know). Violet decks are focused on boosting the Digimon on the field with the Digimon in your trash.

Pagumon, the Digi-Egg of this deck, and the Digimon Gabumon help you ramp your deck by trashing Digimon from your deck or your hand. Go into Weregarurumon once you have five cards in the trash to get a +5000 DP. Once you have the memory for it, go into Nail Bone to bring back two basic Digimon from your trash. Then digi-volve out into Cresgarurmon to bring back any heavy hitters who were destroyed too soon, and swing with everything. It’s pretty hard to beat that.


Machine Black, Giga Green, and Venomous Violet come out on May 28th, 2021!

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