If you are getting your first steps into Digimon, you may be wondering where to start. A while ago, I announced the 1.0 starter decks being released at Three Kings Loot. However, I didn’t go into what each of these decks do specifically. Because of this, I wanted to go into a more detailed explanation of how to use these decks.

I will also be doing this kind of break down with the release of the three new decks coming out in May!

Ready to strategize? Let’s get to what these decks do!

Gaia Red

Gaia Red is a true aggro deck. The whole point of a red deck is to knock out your opponents Digimon and security levels as quickly as possible. Digimon in this deck have large power levels mixed with extra security card removal.

This strategy is kicked off by raising your digi-egg slowly up into WarGreymon. WarGreymon boosts the amount of cards you can knock out in a single security check from one to three. Next up, Greymon out onto the field and you will be able to start checking two security cards per attack. Boost your Digimon’s power by playing Starlight Explosion or Shadow Wing to tank any Digimon your opponent plays. Use Giga Destroyer and Gaia Force as spot removal and your opponent will find their board absolutely destroyed.

Cocytus Blue

Cocytus Blue is a very interesting deck. It’s main focus is devolving your opponent’s Digimon, boosting your own Digimon in the process.

Start by digi-volving up to MetalGarurumon. Next, get Gabumon, Garurumon, and/or Zudomon on the field as quickly as possible. These three cards will help devolve your opponents Digimon as quickly.

Boost your memory by playing Matt Ishida and Hammer Spark to the field. After playing MetalGarurumon to the field, use your extra memory to play into WereGarurumon. Use MetalGarurumon to destroy any troublesome Digimon, then use WereGarurumon to wipe out your opponents security cards.


Heaven’s Yellow

Heaven’s Yellow is a great counter deck. Numerous cards allow you to boost your Digimon’s power level, and even to gain back your security level cards if you have lost any.

Start by digi-volving into Seraphimon. Next, play Angemon, MagnaAngemon, or Angewomon as quickly as possible to boost your memory or security level. Use Heaven’s Gate, Heaven’s Charm, or Seven Heavens to boost your Digimon and cripple your opponent’s cards. Throw in Holy Flame if your opponent’s Digimon ever attacks your security level, reducing the damage. Once Seraphimon gets onto the field, use this big bad angel to pick off any Digimon that your opponent has. Swing in with the rest of your Digimon, and win the game!

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