Glory for Valhalla! Tiny Epic Vikings throws you into island warfare as you expand your clan’s territory. Collect runes, build ships and temples, and gain favour of the Gods to ensure your victory.

In this competitive drafting game, each player will be granted their own clan to lead across the board. Play Viking Cards to perform actions. Use these actions to either craft, explore, farm, sail, or conquer. Each Viking Card will be better suited for a specific action, granting you bonuses.

As you travel from island to island, you will be able to excavate runes to draft more Viking Cards. Once you have claimed an island as your own, begin gaining points by building ships, planting crops, and dedicating yourself to the Gods. Each of these acts will give you points that you will be able to put towards your final score.

Each God has their own devotion tracker, which can help you gain special bonuses throughout the game. But be careful that your opponents do not gain too much influence with the divine. Otherwise, you might catch some holy wrath.

By the end of the game, whoever has the most points wins! So take your longship and show the Runic Islands who their true ruler is!

Tiny Epic Vikings comes out in March of 2023! Back your copy here!

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