An age of adventurers is upon us! Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters is a solo/competitive/co-op game where players hunt down monsters, learn magic and combat, and claim contracts for gold and renown!

Inspired by monster hunter works such as The Witcher, Silver Coin throws you into the continent of Atosia, a land ridden with monsters and fiends. Start the game by bidding Victory Points to play as one of the five different characters: The Shapeshifter, The Natural Chaos, The Mercenary, The Chronomancer, or The Seeker. You will also need to bid on starting locations across the board, letting you either start in the monster infested countryside, or the contract fuelled cities.

Once your character and starting position are determined, each player will take turns exploring the continent, learning new spells or abilities, and taking monster hunting contracts. If you are playing competitively, each completed contract will award you Victory Points and coins that go towards your final score. If you are playing cooperatively, then each dead monster is another success for your party.

For cooperative play, there are also additional rules for each game. These different scenarios give you and your party special win and lose conditions. You will need to utilize every opportunity you have in order to claim victory over the game board.

Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters comes out in November, 2023! Back your copy here!

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