The night hunt begins, adventurer! Steinhardt’s Guide to the Eldritch Hunt is a Soulsbourne-Lovecraftian inspired 5e supplement that will put you face to face with terrifying creatures from beyond.

Luyarnha is a city on the verge of collapse. Monsters besiege the walls at all sides. The First Hunters have become ravaged by plague and ruin, and the Radiant Church has turned to corruption and darkness. The only hope for this sundered city is the determination and bravery of new heroes… if the city can even be saved.

But is not only mortals and monsters that are affecting the world. The moons themselves are beginning to turn the world mad. Have players draw cards or roll dice to determine the nightly effects of the moons on your dark world. Effects can range from fire bursting through the streets, to any night wanderers being beset with mayhem. No one is safe under the eldritch moons.

And don’t forget about the madness! A brand new madness system will send your players spiralling to new depths of despair in the face of this world.

But this does not mean that the players will be helpless. This guide will include brand new subclasses and racial options, each stronger than the last. Use powerful magic items to carve through any beast that walks your way. Work together to survive this world of madness, one swing of your blade at a time.

Steinhardt’s Guide to the Eldritch Hunt comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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