It is time to bring change to the city of Korvosa forever! Pathfinder Revolution! is a competitive politics board game all about claiming power by any means necessary. Face off against three of your friends as you each attempt to sway the people towards your own goals and influence!

Being a implementation of the Revolution! game type by Steve Jackson Games, many may find the formula for Pathfinder Revolution! familiar. Each player will be able to build relationships with different people and factions across the city of Korvosa. They will have access to gold, power, and black mail as a means of swaying local figures to your aid.

However, some characters require specific influences to take your side. The Guildmaster will only assist if you offer payment in gold, while the Hellknight will only respond to blackmail of the most dangerous ilk. But sometimes, the only way to change someone’s mind is with violence. If you want to control this city, you need to be willing to do anything.

Outbid, outsmart, and outplay your opponents to win the game! Whoever has the most influence over the city by the end of the game time wins!

Pathfinder Revolution! comes out in January 2023! Back your copy here!

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