Some monsters live in the dark, waiting for their moment to strike when you don’t expect it. But some monsters hide in the daylight, ready to kill without mercy. They are the Second Inquisition.

They will find you, one way or another. The question is – will you survive?

The Second Inquisition Sourcebook is all about the baddies – The Society of St. Leopold and Operation FIRSTLIGHT to be exact. Learn about how these organizations hunt down Kindred, who they work with, and why. Learn about their tactics, allowing Storytellers to use these secret moves to their advantage.

But that isn’t to say this book is only for the GMs. The book also outlines ways to destroy local Second Inquisition operations, how to kill Inquisition soldiers, or dismantle them from the inside. Players can learn what to look out for… and how to hit first.

second inquisition breaking down a door

The Second Inquisition Sourcebook comes out in October, 2021!

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