It is time to jump into the darkness of space in Once More Into the Void! Modelled off of Star Trek and Mass Effect, Once More Into The Void is a upcoming RPG all about making amends and finding redemption in a cold world.

You take on the roles of a crew that were once famous adventurers. You saved the world from great and terrible evils. You were the closest of friends, the best damn ship in the whole galaxy.

But then, something happened. Years passed by. None of you have spoken since. Suddenly, an old enemy has made themselves known, and the world is looking back to the crew to save them again. Will you all be able to forgive the pain of past? Or will it consume you?

The joy of Once More Into The Void is that the game requires no prep and no GM. You all play the crew facing more and more increasingly difficult challenges one at a time. The game can be entirely run from the book, allowing everyone to instead focus on the role play.

With all that being said – man your stations and get ready for the fight of your life. The Void nearly killed you the first time. Let’s see if you can make it one more round!

Book of Once More Into The Void


Once More Into The Void comes out December 2021! Pick up your copy on Kickstarter here!

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