Get ready for some intense power levels in Burst of Destiny, adventurer! This upcoming set of Yu-Gi-Oh will see some of the most powerful monsters arrive to the TCG in some time.

Burst of Destiny will see two brand new ‘Borrel’ monsters to the game, including one ritual monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS! Not only that, you should expect to see some new DARK Dragon monsters, along with two brand new Destiny HERO monsters!

As far as deck themes, be prepared for a major power boost for a lot of different decklists. Themes from Genesis Impact, Ancient Guardians, Lightning Overdrive, and more will be held in these card packs. Not only that, you should be ready for two brand new themes introduced in this booster set. These two brand new Dragon themed decks will help you either ritual summon into powerful monsters, or synchro into powerful Wyrms that will command the board!

And we cannot forget about the most powerful monsters in the entire meta – the Penguins. These old favourites will have their own new archetype that will slide on their bellies to victory!


Burst of Destiny Booster Box

Burst of Destiny comes out November 11th, 2021!

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