Black Rose Wars: Rebirth is a fantasy deck building game. Each player takes on the mantle of a mage, working towards becoming the Grand Magister of the Black Rose Order. Defeat enemies, obtain powerful spells, and ensure that the future of the Black Rose is safe.

The Lodge is no more. With the defeat of Lucifer only a memory of a generation passed, the Black Rose Order has been disavowed. But few mages know that the Black Rose is far from dead…

Explore the universe of Nova Aetas! In this mirror world of Earth, discover the dangers of Italy in the main game, then explore all areas of the world in the expansions! Face mortals, monsters, and gods alike to become the most powerful mage the world has ever seen!

Expand your controls of magic by obtaining spells from all six spell schools. Control machinery with Technomancy; bestow curses with Hex; perform rituals with Shamanic; brew potions with Alchemy; and inflict damage on your enemies with Agony and Nightmare! The choices are endless.

And if none of that appeals to you, then check out the minis in this thing. They are gorgeous.

Black Rose Wars: Rebirth will be released in September 2022. Pre-order your copy here!

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