It’s time to take to the Blue Sea once again! The ONE PIECE FILM Starter Deck is coming this February, ready to add new cards and combos to your next game. Lead characters from the recent ONE PIECE FILM RED to victory with this new aggro-control strategy!

Lead your crew to victory with Shanks, the leader of the Red-Haired Pirates! Jump onto your opponents ship and trip up their defensive abilities. In the combat set, force your opponents cards to become rested, then swing big for massive damage. Use your DON to rest more of your opponents cards, build up your crew mates attack value, or even make them invincible in combat!

Even get your hands on Character and Event cards from prior films! Get your copies of Carina, Buena Festa, and the Union Armada to boost your access to your Main and DON decks!

The deck will include:

  • A fully constructed 51 card main deck
  • 10 DON cards
  • And 3 Indexes

The main deck will consist of 1 Leader card, 2 Super Rares, and 14 Common Cards. Multiples of the same card will occur in the deck.

The ONE PIECE FILM Starter Deck comes out on February 3rd, 2023!

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