It is time to fight the machine, adventurer! Lo! Thy Dread Empire is a indie grimdark wargame/tactical roleplaying game about facing off against the eternal undead face of capitalism!

Polluted skies hide the atrocities that take place across the land. While the Ghoul Clans make their sermons about their Social Darwinist ideas and Wights establish dominion in the toil ridden dungeons, the Death Cults have killed the last of the world’s dissidents. But the spirits of those lost are not so silent…

Each player takes on the role of an undead creature returning to destroy the capitalist takeover. Play as a member of the Spirits of Revolt, ghosts who were once bound to the world as servants; the Mujeres Zobista, zombies who reclaim their bodies with the help of their allies; the Black Cross Revenants, a contingent of undead attempting to destroy the Flesh-Prisons; the Skeletal-Syndicalist Unions trying to destroy the machine dungeons; or the Vampiric Polycules, tight bands of vampires who attack anyone who attempts to cross their lands.

Regardless of your clan and undead type, players will work together as they make their way across the ash and acid ridden land. Face off against the Necromantic Nations in intense battles where survival is never an assurance. Work together, balance your battlefield armaments, and destroy the hold of the Necromantic Nations once and for all!

Lo! Thy Dread Empire comes out in June, 2023! Back your copy here!

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