It is time to return to the Nexus! Dominaria United brings us back to the world of Nico Bolas and Numera as we face off against new monsters and men alike!

In this Magic: The Gathering homecoming, we are set to encounter some long lost friends. Be prepared to see some familiar faces, such as Lilianna Vess, Jaya Ballard, and Jared Carthalion! But don’t think that it will only be allies out in the wilds of Dominaria. Some lost, forgotten villains may only be hiding in the shadows…

While some old faces will most certainly appear, that does not mean that we will be rehashing old ground. There are new dangers and new heroes in Dominaria as well. Not only should we be keeping an eye out for Phyrexians, but others have been making plays for power. It’s time for the heroes of the land to once again unite, and fight together under a single banner.

Dominaria United will include 281 cards in the set, with over 40 legendary creatures included. There will also be special stained glass land cards for your to collect for your next deck!

Dominaria United comes out on September 9th, 2022! Pre-order your pre-release box at Three Kings Loot here!

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