Well, well, well. It’s not full blown spoiler season, but we did get a look at some new stuff from Dominaria United.

Tor Wauki the Younger is a throwback legend to a simpler time where a 2BBR legendary creature could get a White ability like “Tap: deal 2 damage to target attacking or blocking creature”.

This new Tor Wauki retains its 3/3 power/toughness and five mana value for the more streamlined 3BR. Tor also gains reach and lifelink. Reach for an archer!

Let’s take a closer look at that textbox:

“If another source you control would deal noncombat damage to a permanent or player, it deals that much damage plus 1 to that permanent or player instead.  

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Tor Wauki the Younger deals 2 damage to any target.”  

Okay, wow. Rakdos spellslinger? WotC has been innovating with the Rakdos space every set and I am very much a fan. This new inclusion in the list of Rakdos legends cements it as my favourite colour pairing.

Things to note:

  • The first ability says “another source” that deals noncombat damage deals an extra damage, therefore Tor’s second ability will not be affected by his first.
  • The first ability does not make Tor deal the damage, so you aren’t gaining one life for each extra damage dealt thanks to it.
  • The second ability specifically wants instants and sorceries.
  • The second ability does have Tor dealing the damage and that’s where you’ll gain two life when you damage any target.

Let’s dive into some fun cards to include in your Tor Wauki the Younger lists!

1. Dragon’s Approach / Florian, Voldaren Scion  

Let’s dive right in with a card that I am sure many people thought of right away: Dragon’s Approach. With Midnight Hunt’s release came Florian, Voldaren Scion, a commander that people immediately began building as the de facto Rakdos Dragon’s Approach commander. Florian is strong and deserves a slot in the deck especially since all the selection you get from Florian increases by a minimum of an extra three with Tor out. Dragon’s Approach hits for four for each opponent and then you get an extra two damage to send somewhere. If you choose an opponent as your Tor target, you’re looking at 14 cards with Florian at your post combat phase if you rip an Approach in your first main. Talk about card selection! This is the first pick for me for anybody looking to mix things up if they aren’t feeling Florian anymore.

  1. Fiery Emancipation / Torbran, Thane of Red Fell  

Any effect that doubles, or in this case triples damage, paired with Tor turns any instant or sorcery into a wallop. Torbran similarly smacks a little more by tacking on an extra two damage from red sources. This feels like an easy include, but I don’t think it quite sinks in how bonkers it will feel to cast a quick cantrip, and then also dome somebody for six damage then gain six life. Be prepared to be the threat!

  1. Birgi, God of Storytelling / Storm-Kiln Artist / Guttersnipe / Sedgemoor Witch / Firebrand Archer  

Casting instants and sorceries often times can chain into each other. Cast a draw spell, draw a draw spell, but how do I cast that new draw spell? Birgi, God of Storytelling and Storm-Kiln Artist are amazing ramp options that play right into your plan. These are stormy cards, but getting to cast two cards in a turn and getting Treasures out of the deal is sublime.

Guttersnipe and Firebrand Archer get boosted by Tor, making them hit each opponent for 3 and 2 respectively. You already want to be casting Faithless Looting, why not make Faithless Looting read “Draw two, discard two, deal 5 damage to each opponent, deal 2 damage to any  target, and gain two life”? That’s what’s possible here!

Sedgemoor Witch is another great card that wants instants and sorceries for her to make some critters. Chump block, gain a little life back. Maybe go on the offence and finish off an opponent who didn’t expect your instant speed shenanigans and is now facing down four Pests with no blocks!

  1. Sign in Blood / Night’s Whisper / Read the Bones / Faithless Looting / Big Score / Unexpected Windfall / Cathartic Pyre / Stinging Study  

Classic black card draw now doesn’t cost you the life with Tor out and in fact turns the demon’s deal on its head because they can damage your opponents or their creatures.

Sign in Blood and Night’s Whisper draw you two cards and lose two life, but now read deal two damage and gain two life. Read the Bones is the same with a scry 2 on there.

I already mentioned Faithless Looting, but how about Cathartic Pyre. Pyre makes you discard first, but can draw you up to two cards at instant speed meaning you can surprise the table by hitting a creature for two. Or you can choose the first mode and hit a creature or planeswalker for four, but if it isn’t enough, you can target it again with Tor’s ability making it 6 damage.

Big Score and Unexpected Windfall are fantastic draw spells that deserve to see much more play.

Stinging Study is a five mana draw five in this deck. At instant speed. That drains any target for two when your commander is in play. Get this card!

  1. Basilisk Collar / Soul-Scar Mage  

Basilisk Collar was mentioned in the Judith, the Scourge Diva article, and for good reason. When your commander can reliably sling damage around, slapping deathtouch on it can feel divine.

Soul-Scar Mage is also a pretty fun way to get around indestructible or +1/+1 counter shenanigans going on. Kulrath Knight, Necroskitter, and The Scorpion God are fun inclusions if you want a light -1/-1 theme to the deck.

Honorable Mention: Obosh, the Preypiercer  

I won’t spend too much time on this, but of course Obosh gets a mention. Tor costs five mana and therefore Obosh can be a companion, but I would say whatever you do, don’t skip out on the Preypiercer in the 99. That’s a lot of extra damage! Plus, if it’s in the deck, you can surprise  the table more.

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