Hit Point Press is back at it again! Humblewood Tales will return you back into the world of Everden to give you brand new monsters, NPCs, encounters, and more. Take this companion guide to new heights with the exclusive minis that will supplied with the set!

Everden is a land of legends. If you wish to become one, you will need to take your fate into your own hands. Play one of five different modules for characters levels 3 through 8. Search for a mystical ancient creature known as The Great Loper; investigate a local legend that a young jerbeen has become Wind-Touched; protect a wounded raptor from a cabal of shadowy rogues and assassins; descend into the dark, undead world of the Underfall; and save the town of Saltar’s Port from destruction from a mysterious creature hiding in a distant cove…

Still not enough for you? Then travel around the city of Alderheart to hunt down Alderheart’s Most Wanted. Get plentiful bounties and take on dangerous encounters as you rid the city of these criminal masterminds.

But don’t think that this tome is only filled with adventures. There are also brand new magic items, new monster stats, and a new mysterious patron of Humblewood. Learn more about the Tenders of the Scorched Grove and learn from their teachings. But just because you learn from them does not mean you cannot defy them…

Humblewood Tales comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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