War is upon us! Become a member of a Company of Heroes, looking to turn the tide of World War II in one decisive battle. Use all your resources, whether it be infantry or artillery, to further your control across various battlefields. Claim your dominion and win the war!

Each player will choose a commander from one of the numerous factions of the game. You can take control of either the Americans, the British, the Germans, or the Soviets as they travel the countryside. Spend money to create infantry and artillery as you make your way across the board. Destroy enemy units and claim checkpoints to gain points and more money to expend on your following turns.

This new edition of Company of Heroes will introduce two brand new locations to play – the Moro River and the Ardennes Forest. Not only that, but there will be over forty new map configurations, meaning that every game will be very different. New tactics will need to be used every time if you wish to claim the terrain as your own.

The time has come – show your enemies what you are capable of!

Company of Heroes comes out in June, 2023! Back your copy here!

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