Hey gang, welcome back to A Seat at the Table.

This week, I’m doing something a little different. With the release of an all reprint set like Double Masters, I thought it would be a great idea to let you know what cards I think you should buy when they hit their bottom.

This article is the follow up to Part One that was posted yesterday, so make sure to check that one out for all your colour card needs!

Without further ado, here is my list of artifacts, lands, and just pure Magic gold!

Too Much Gold

Anguished Unmaking

One of the best removal spells in Orzhov, Anguished Unmaking is a solid reprint given it’s been $8 for a little while. Pick up a foil while they’re low, I bet you’ll feel good not just drawing a pretty and flashy version of the card, but also when you snap it to removal something awful from the table, you’ll catch a glint in your opponent’s eye off of the shine.

Assassin’s Trophy

What I said about Anguished Unmaking but for Golgari except more expensive and it destroys rather than exiles.

Aurelia, the Warleader

Aurelia’s been 20-ish bucks for a while and she’s a damn fine Boros legend to lead a deck or assist in an aggro beatdown.

Elenda, the Dusk Rose

What I said about Aurelia, the Warleader, but about Elenda and instead of Boros, it’s Orzhov. And instead of aggro, it’s tokens and aristocrats. It’s also the first time we get the legendary border on Elenda with the split colours down the middle. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous Richard Kane Ferguson alt art.

Thousand-Year Storm

Everybody builds a spellslinger deck at some point in their EDH lifetime, so why not get ahead of the curve (or add a little fun to your current deck) and pick up a Thousand-Year Storm for $5 instead of the $13 it currently costs? This being downshifted to rare means that the supply will be better than when it was mythic in Guilds of Ravnica, so treat yourself to something spicy for  cheap.


Phyrexian Altar

Phyrexian Altar is what prompted this entire article. Altar is one of my all-time favourite Magic cards, full stop. End of sentence. The original Ron Spears art featuring Tsabo Tavoc was burned into my brain as a young boy when I started paying more attention to the game. I absolutely love this card.

The original printing one is $130 and won’t be coming down. The Ultimate Masters edition was at one point $20 and if the Double Masters 2022 version ever reaches that low, I will be purchasing 10. This card is one I put in nearly all my decks. For the copies I don’t use, I’ll smile at in my binder or sell eventually when they inevitably spike again down the line.

Crucible of Worlds

I remember buying Crucible for $50 before it got reprinted in M19 and then I bought another for $15. Now both are $40 and $30 respectively and have home in two decks, with a vacation home of a third deck waiting for one of them. At mythic rare, it’s hard to say how many of these will be opened and put into the singles market, once again, because Landfall and land decks have returned as leading strategies. If you’ve been looking at this or Ramunap Excavator, be sure to keep your eyes open for when this hits its bottom.


Panharmonicon is a Timmy card and a Johnny card in one. It hasn’t been meaningfully printed beyond Kaladesh, so I expect this to drop the price down from $13 to potentially less than $5. With ETB abilities getting stronger and stronger, come on, live a little. Get a copy.

Vedalken Orrery

Taking your turns during your opponents’ turns is very powerful. You get all the information at the best time and get to react accordingly. At $40, this was due for a reprint. It’s Josh Lee Kwai’s favourite card and he talks about it a lot. This will dip, but not significantly. Leyline of Anticipation is better, but locks you into Blue. This is more open ended and can be useful in a number of strategies, it’s just so generically great.

Darksteel Plate

Did you know this piece of equipment is $20? This finds its place in equipment decks and Voltron strategies. I run it in my Brash Taunters tribal list. It doesn’t have the most applications, but what a role player when it fits!


Forbidden Orchard

Make some friends at the table or use the lil guys to your advantage like in a Grismold, the Dreadsower deck. It’s a land that taps for any colour that was last printed in C16 and is $30 right now. It fits everywhere and adds a fun dynamic!

City of Brass

One of the original rainbow lands gets its first reprint since Modern Masters. It’s a classic and fits in all your multicoloured decks. Colour hungry decks have better options, sure, but this is still a great one. It’s the OG!

Cavern of Souls

I don’t think I’ve seen this card hit under $40 in all the time I’ve known of it. At the very least, name your commander’s creature type and make sure that it won’t be countered. At the very best, slap this absolute tank of a land in your tribal decks and protect your most valuable of creatures.

Full Art Bounce Lands

The Ravnica karoo lands are no doubt just fine. They’re okay. They should only be included when strapped for colours or when you’ve got uncap shenanigans like with Estrid, the Masked. That said, the full art cards look absolutely GORGEOUS in foil. If you’ve got a cube, make it look great with these amazing new treatments. They won’t be less expensive  than the regular ones, but they will only be printed in this set. Once this supply runs out, that’s  it and these can be like $5 for a land that’s had many, many printings.

That does it! I hope you found my picks helpful and that you keep a watchful eye on this set. Hit it at its lows and enjoy the cards in your decks. I’ll see you at Three Kings Loot for some games and we’ll all get to brag about our beautiful treatments of absurd Double Masters 2022 pulls.

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