Inspired by the genres of steampunk and cyberpunk, Bloodpunk is an upcoming D&D 5e campaign guide! Explore the dark lands of Tolia, use blood powered weapons and machinery, and save this techno-Victorian world from blood-drinking creatures of the night!

Tolia is a land of darkness and ruin. Magic is not run through crystals or components, but instead through blood. Vampires and sorcerers have become the ruling class of the lands, endlessly fighting each other for more and more power. If blood is not being used to cast spells or use magic items, it is used to run the blood engines of the regime – trains, zeppelins, and other powerful machinery.

But there are a few mortals willing to stand up for their kinsmen. The time for revolution is upon us…

Upgrade your character with one of the twenty new class archetypes, including the Sanguine Domain for Clerics or the Bounty Hunter for Rogues. Travel across the land of Tolia, fight terrifying beasts, and survive the streets of the cities of Kanrath and Cyherested!

Take your players on an adventure from levels 1-7 in the campaign Heritage of the Damned. Defeat the Crimson King of Kanrath as you collect allies, obtain powerful weapons, and defeat legions of undead. Use new weapons, including Bloodwork firearms, to wipe out your opponents with ease.

But be careful that you are not bitten by any of the ruling vampires. If so, you may find yourself undergo Blood Degeneration, causing you to turn into a monster of the Crimson King’s control.

Bloodpunk comes out in December 2022! Back your copy here!

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