It’s time to dive into the smallest fantasy adventure with the biggest heart! Household is a fantasy adventure RPG where you play as a Little Folk adventuring in the wilds of an abandoned home. Go to glamorous regency-era events, fight against insects, and save your community from the dangers of the house you call home!

Choose to play as one of the four main types of Littlings: Fairy’s, known for their glitz and glamour; Boggarts, known for their martial prowess; Sluagh, known for their resilience; or Sprites, known for their attunement with nature. Choose a Profession and a Vocation to finalize your abilities and actions.

Household is powered by the Favoured By Fortune system. This system is heavily inspired by the Fortune System established in the adventure RPG Broken Compass. In this system, special dice will have different card suits across the sides: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. Your aim is not to hit a set number, but instead to create sets of symbols. Your dice hand size is six, which you will roll for performing special actions. You can use the Joker side to match with any suit that you have rolled, but the Blank side will leave you with nothing.

Household comes out in June 2023! Back your copy here!

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