Inspired by the d20 Modern format games of the 2000’s, Everyday Heroes: The Roleplaying Game is a brand new RPG system! Play in multiple new campaign settings from your favourite movies, including Pacific Rim and Rambo!

Everyday Heroes is an updated version of the d20 Modern system using some of the mechanics from D&D 5th Edition. With both new and old rules coming into play, this is the perfect opportunity for d20 Modern veterans to jump into the game right away, or for new players to learn how the system works!

As with the d20 Modern system, Everyday Heroes is designed for campaigns set in worlds similar to our own. Whether the setting be infused with sci-fi or fantasy, the rules are built to help keep your modern settings running. This includes rules for driving, using firearms, hacking, etc.

Don’t have a campaign setting yet? Have no fear! Dive into the worlds of your favourite films, including Kong: Skull Island, The Crow, Total Recall, Highlander, and more! Build off the movies, or make your own story independently. The choice is yours!

Everyday Heroes: The Roleplaying Game comes out in November 2o22! Back your copy !

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