Battle the Horde continues the Hero’s Path where you left of after Theros Game Day. We assembled  all WOTC posters for these events. Born of the Gods promos are listed in another article linked here.

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Battle the Horde Prerelease

Are you ready to Battle the Horde? You faced the Hydra decks at the Theros Game Day, but at the Born of the Gods Game Day you will Battle the Horde!

Born of the Gods Game Day: March 1-2, 2014!

Battle the Horde

Magic: the Gathering – Born of the Gods Prerelease

Quest 4 on the Hero’s Path takes place at the Born of the Gods Prerelease events, February 1 and 2, 2014. As with Theros, players will choose their heroic path based on a favorite mana color and receive a Sealed Prerelease Pack based on that color.

The Prerelease Packs are as follows;
• WHITE – Destined to Lead
• BLUE – Destined to Outwit
• BLACK – Destined to Dominate
• RED – Destined to Conquer
• GREEN – Destined to Thrive

Each ‘seeded’ Prerelease Pack contains the following;
• 5 Born of the Gods booster packs,
• 1 ‘Seeded booster pack’,
• 1 Premium foil pre-release promo card,
• 1 Activity card,
• 1 Spindown life counter,
• 1 Welcome Letter, and
• 1 Hero Card

Battle the Horde Prerelease 2