The world has fallen, but humanity remains. In ATLAS LOST – Rise of the New Sovereigns, each player attempts to rebuild the remains of Earth after a global war against AI has led to the destruction of our known world. Play as independent factions vying for power in this post-apocalyptic tech-building/battle strategy/resource management game!

Each game, players will choose a combination of three tech trees out of five to use in play. The tech trees include Science, Economy, Culture, Religion, and Military. Each of these tech trees will result in a different abilities that the table can communally use to further their board development.

Using these tech trees, players will take turns sending out advance teams to explore more and more of the broken Earth, discovering old and new technologies. You are also able to discover resources that you can use to play special support cards, which will give you a boost on your side of the tech tree.

Each time you play support cards or lead with advance teams, you will gain technology points that will further your influence. Once you have collected more than thirty technology points, you win the game!

Looking for a more in-depth style of play? Then check out the campaign mode and solo options! There are three campaigns that will allow you to explore vast reaches of Earth, each with their own unique story. Solo mode will pit you against an ancient AI, ready to re-awaken and take control over the world once again!

ATLAS LOST – Rise of the New Sovereigns comes out in September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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