In the next instalment of the Aetherra Saga, Lore of Aetherra: Dark Symmetry takes us into deep waters as we explore underwater scientific wonders. A follow-up campaign guide/adventure book to Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid, this new guide will explore the underwater city of Chyrsalea and it’s different factions within.

Chyrsalea is divided into five different major locations: Balance, The Ourro Quarter, Origin, Provis, and Gloom.

  • Balance is a place of peace. Rolling hills, serene rivers, and other beauties fill this landscape. It is a place of total relaxation… aside from the mysterious experiments being performed that can be heard throughout the city in the dead of night.
  • The Ourro Quarter is the meeting ground for many of the inhabitants of the city. This district is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops. It is also home to the Mother Tree, the plant that gives life to all things in the city. But with the Mother Tree beginning to wither, people are beginning to wonder about that strange temple that was constructed at the base of the tree…
  • Origin is where only the best and brightest are able to hone their magic craft. Chosen by the Queen of the city herself, those who work here look to complete the mysterious Peerless Arc, a piece of aethertech that is meant to save the Mother Tree from ruin.
  • Provis is the district responsible for food production in the city. Once, this area was known for its blooms of cultivated crops. But since the Mother Tree has grown sickly, food is slowly becoming a desperate resource. The brightest of Provis have created a nutrient drink called Chyrsalean Flourish to save the people from starvation. But many may prefer starvation than know how it is made… and the purpose of the Dead Sheds.
  • Gloom is the dumping grounds. Filled with toxic waste and filth, very few live in this district. But those that do live under an uneasy truce between the Apitha and the Spae Compound. One wrong move, and war will be at hand.

Take your players from levels 5 to 10 in a underwater adventure that pit your characters against the mysteries of Chrysalea. Discover the reason for the Mother Tree’s withering and either save the city, or let it burn.

While on your adventure, use the powers of Aethercraft to build your own magic contraptions. Design upgrades for your items, weapons, armour, or even your home base. Craft to your hearts content!

Lore of Aetherra: Dark Symmetry comes out in June 2023! Back your copy here!

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