ARCANA PROPHETIA is an upcoming tarot inspired board game where you use cards to attempt to predict or defy a prophecy of ruin! Use cards to complete a spread, or attempt to negate the spread by predicting your opponent’s next move.

The Tenth God lies dead, and The Fates themselves have become corrupted. With its control broken, the center cannot hold; one by one the remaining gods fall into madness.

As chaos overtakes the pantheon, only The Last Sovereign – ruler of the shattered remnants of a once-mighty empire – stands poised to defy the fated end of days.

Begin the game determining who will be The Fates and who will be The Last Sovereign. The Fates will be responsible for playing the ten God tarot cards, each with a sanctified and corrupted side. The sanctified side grants bonuses to the Last Sovereign, and the corrupted side grants bonuses to The Fates.

At the start of the game, The Fates begin by spreading out the ten sanctified God cards. Each round, The Last Sovereign must guess which card The Fates will corrupt and play to the spread. If the Last Sovereign is incorrect, the chosen God becomes touched by The Fates’ madness, and enters the spread in its corrupted form. However, if the Last Sovereign is correct, the God card does not become corrupted, and instead enters the spread in its sanctified form.

Whenever a card enters the spread, it will trigger moves of the other cards, either moving them up, down, side to side, or locking them in place. The Last Sovereign can affect the spread by placing Sigils, each able to disrupt the The Fates’ designs.

When the ninth card is played, the fate of the world is decided. If there are more corrupted cards in the spread, then The Fates win. If there are more sanctified cards, the Last Sovereign wins. Will The Fates try to stop you from playing Sigils, or try for strategic positions instead? Can you hide your plans from The Last Sovereign, or will you get found out before the game is done?

ARCANA PROPHETIA comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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