The Last Spell is a dark fantasy board game that pitches you against a horde of undead and twisted monsters as you attempt to rebuild your world. Design your town, upgrade your weapons, and face off against the horde head on!

The Schools of Magic, driven by greed and ambition, have destroyed our world. Over 90% of life has been destroyed, leaving humanity scrambling to survive. You and your friends have stumbled into one of the last remaining bastions of civilization, barely getting by on what you have. However, this place has resources, some helping hands, and a lot of heart. Will you be able to build this little town into something great? Or will it be turned to ash and smoke, just like the rest of the world?

Gameplay is divided into day and night cycles. During the day, players will be able to build fortifications around your town. Construct barricades and walls to keep enemies out, and businesses to help upgrade your character. Each of these construction projects will require material costs, including gold, so make sure to keep an eye open for mines and scavenger camps!

When night comes, the fight begins. The monsters will descend upon your town from the purple mists that surround the board, so make sure to strategically plan your attack. Move across the board, expend action points in order to use your basic attacks, then use mana in order to perform powerful abilities! But consider your attacks before you use them – each enemy type will have resistances and weaknesses, so make sure to get as much as you can out of your abilities as possible.

But once your group turn is finished, the horde begins their assault. If you haven’t cleared the board of all the enemies, they will swarm your town, ready to unleash hell and fire against it. Without your constant vigilance, your town will become nothing more than a pile of ash and rubble.

So – will you be there to defend it?

The Last Spell comes out in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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