Following the success of Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, Steamforged Games is back at it with Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game! Defend the Seliana base camp from massive monsters as you investigate a mysterious song out in the vast, cold tundra…

Each player begins by choosing a Hunter based on their weapon play style. Choose from the Sword & Shield; Dual Blades; Bow; and Greatsword play styles. Each of these archetypes have their own unique cards, actions, and weapons to unlock and upgrade!

Fight against increasingly more dangerous monsters with every encounter you complete. Progress from the Banbaro, that can pulverize flesh and stone alike with its massive horns; to the Beotodus, the snow swimming wyvern that will strike from below; to the Barioth, the flying wyvern, able to attack from land or sky; and the Rajang, a ultra aggressive beast that will unleash powerful fist attacks.

Didn’t find the creature you were hoping to fight? The Absolute Power Expansion includes the Coral Pukei-Pukei, who is able to fire a powerful stream of water to freeze its enemies; the Nargacuga, an extremely agile wyvern who can strike quickly and ferociously; the Shrieking Legiana, a powerful beast who can freeze Hunters with a powerful chill ability; and the Tigrex, a dangerous wyvern that will heave and claw through flesh with ease. If you need an even more dangerous enemy, dive into the additional monster Velkhana, the Elder Dragon, a monster that is able to freeze everything within its presence!

What new gameplay additions are coming to the Monster World board game series in this edition? Monsters will now get increasingly powerful as their anger increases, unleashing devastating attacks. Manage your stamina with brand new mechanics, and prepare yourself for brand new wind-up attacks that could make or break your next encounter!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game comes out in November, 2024! Back your copy here!

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