From the creators of Grim Hollow and Dungeons of Drakkenheim, Ghostfire Gaming returns to D&D 5e with Aetherial Expanse! Explore the far reaches of the Astral Plane with skyships, astral monsters, and strange aberrant magics!

The seas of the Aetherial Expanse and its seemingly countless islands support a remarkable diversity of life. Despite the lack of sunlight, plants thrive on its many islands, drinking in the radiant power of a perpetual sourceless twilight that shrouds this realm. Many animals are easily recognisable descendants of beasts from their home planes, while others are dramatically altered, adapting to survive in the poisonous aetherial waters.

Looking to build a character for this setting? Then check out the new character options, including the Aetherial Domain Cleric, the Blade Dancer Bard, the Corsair Fighter, the Phantom Shrouded Sorcerer, the Reaper Warlock, and the Technomage Wizard! Each of these new subclasses will lead you to parts unknown, filled with new abilities and roleplaying opportunities!

But it doesn’t stop there. Dive into the three new heritage options: Astral Emergents, Astral Merfolk, and Automatons. Then dig into a range of new backgrounds, from being a sailor for the Karelagne Empire to becoming a pirate who finds their home on the Isle of Drakes! Build the character of your aetherial dreams!

For Dungeon Masters, get a whole new naval system to help your players explore the vast reaches of the Astral Sea. Dive into unique weapons to kit your NPCs out with, and throw a full bestiary of enemies at your opponents, each more strange and alien than the last. Pair this guide with the Spelljammer expansion and get some explosive results!

Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide comes out in August, 2024! Back your copy here!

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