Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind is an expansion on the tactical dungeon-crawler game Eldfall Chronicles. This adventure is filled with deadly Oni, vicious marauders, and powerful new weapons to discover. Get up to three of your friends together to climb the mountain and save the world from a ancient demonic evil!

The ambush was sudden and deadly. Travelling through the mountains has always been a dangerous journey – the marauders just added to the nightmare. Now you must ascend Mt. Byodo with your limited allies and supplies before the Blood Moon rises. If you don’t, then the demonic Oni will flood the world, turning your home into a hellscape.

Each player begins by choosing one of four different characters: Na’ra, The Veil-Watcher; Anarien, The Erudite Prodigy; Tharos, The One-Eyed Wolf; and Seigen of the Keshobarai. Each of these characters will have their own unique abilities and powers, so make sure to familiarize yourself so you can chain powerful combos together.

Once your characters are chosen, explore the mountain one tile at a time, discovering quests, items, and enemies. With each quest you complete, you will gain Valor, which you can expend to level up your characters. Gather the loot from your conquests to make yourselves the strongest warriors that Mt. Byodo has ever seen!

Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind comes out in July, 2024! Back your copy here!

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