Mystery of the Abbey is a mystery deduction game where you and up to five of your friends investigate a strange murder within a medieval abbey. Explore the rooms throughout the abbey, discover clues, and find the murderer once and for all!

Each player will take on the role of a Monk, each searching for the truth about what happened to their murdered brethren. Each turn, the first player will move the bell counter down the corresponding card tracker, noting which round it is. Some rounds will have some bonuses to help in your investigation, so make sure to use whatever advantages you have to their greatest potential.

On each players turn, you will be able to travel to a different room in the abbey. When you arrive, you will gain a clue about what happened within the room, leading you closer to the killer. However, if you arrive in a room where another player is already present, you get to ask that player a question.

When you are asked a question, you may choose one of two options – you may choose to take a vow of silence and say nothing, or you may answer truthfully. You cannot lie by any means, so be careful what you say.

Can you figure out who the killer is before Mass begins?

Mystery of the Abbey comes out in July, 2024! Back your copy here!

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