The night has come, adventurer! In Zerywia: The Board Game, travel into this land of fantasy and survival as you face off against the Void and eternal darkness!

Welcome to Zerywia, an ancient land based on Slavic folklore. The Rift has split the land, spilling Darkness from a twisted landscape known as the Void. Take up the mantle of a hero of the Tribe and face off against the Mistress of the Dark herself, Nix.

Choose your character and set off on the Path of the Chosen One. Each character has their own unique player board with special abilities that you can level up after each new encounter. Face off against the children of Nix, known as the Ughmors, as they spill from the Rift. Charge into combat with your special ability cards to destroy as many enemies as possible. Work together as you travel the board and close the Rift for good!

But time is not on your side. The specialized time keeper will impose different effects on the board state the longer you wait to attack the Rift. The longer you wait, the greater consequences!

Zerywia: The Board Game comes out in May, 2023! Back your copy here!

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