Arceus V is making a big splash in the Pokemon TCG! The Arceus V Figure Collection has everything you need to help build a brand new Arceus deck for your next play session!

Since the release of Brilliant Stars, Arceus V, Arceus VMAX, and Arceus VSTAR has been getting some much deserved attention. With powers like Trinity Nova to boost the energy of your benched VMAX Pokemon, or Starbirth to search for any two cards in your deck, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these powerful creatures? Throw in a Inteleon or two to tap into the Inteleon engine from Chilling Reign and dominate the battlefield!

This collection for Arceus will include:

  • A foil promo of Arceus V
  • One premier sculpted Arceus figure
  • Four Pokemon TCG Booster Packs
  • And a code to get access to Pokemon TCG Live!

Between this collectors set, and a few booster sets from Brilliant Stars, you will be ready to take on your next Pokemon TCG tournament by force!

Arceus V Figure Collection is out now! Order your copy at Three Kings Loot here!

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