From the creator of the Coyote and Crow roleplaying game, Wolves is a semi-cooperative board game where players gather Status in their local communities by helping each other. Gather resources, gift them to your fellow players, and become an inspiring leader!

Each player will choose one of six different communities all looking to survive a harsh winter. Each of these communities have their own special bonuses and weaknesses when resource gathering, make sure to choose wisely.

Each turn, players will be able to perform special tasks, such as gathering resources, gifting resources, and assist other players with their game state. Your Status score will be dependant on if you can look after your community and how much you are able to help your fellow players with their communities. The higher your Status, the higher your position in the game initiative, making you able to perform your actions faster. But beware – your Status can move very quickly from first to last, so make sure to think strategically.

But Status isn’t everything. If any of the players at the table are unable to look after their own community, everybody loses. Therefore, giving and receiving gifted resources is key to survival. However, be careful how many gifts you accept, as each gift will give the other players more Status.

Whoever has the most Status by the time that Winter arrives at the end of turn eight wins the game!

Wolves comes out in March, 2024! Back your copy here!

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