DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark is an upcoming deck building game, having you face off against some of the most powerful super villains the world has ever seen. Channel your powers to unleash hell against volley’s of mystical minions and take down your enemies for good!

When you are in the Justice League, you see a lot of things. Whether it be power hungry billionaire scientists or crazy clowns, you meet all kinds in this line of work. But when things get weird, alien, and magical, only a handful of heroes know what to do. Play as Wonder Woman, John Constantine, Zatanna, Doctor Doom, and more as you face off against some of the most dangerous adversaries the DC Universe has ever known!

Build your decks around your chosen superhero, filling it with other Heroes and even some helpful Villains. Add in powerful Equipment cards to boost your allies and activate Weakness cards to knock out your opponents before they even know what happened!

Want to get your hands on more heroes and villains to play as? Then check out the expansion packs!

  • Dive in fist first with Shazam and Black Adam with the RIVALS: Shazam Vs. Black Adam expansion
  • Gather up a collection of thirteen villains in the Legion of Doom expansion, including the Riddler and Bizarro
  • Gain access to Atom, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Vixen in the Rebirth One Shot Packs – Cry for Justice and Time Heist
  • Team up with Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Wildcat, and Crisis Doctor Fate in Crossover Crisis 1
  • Or call in the big leagues with Flashpoint Batman and Flashpoint The Flash in the Crossover Pack 10: Flashpoint

DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark comes out in April, 2024! Back your copy here!

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