Welcome to Digimon! Enter the Digiverse and take on the mantle of a Tamer, exploring the digital world for the next digital monster to add to your roster!  Summon your monsters to fight against other Tamers, and show the world what you’re made of!

Want to enter the digiverse yourself? Get started by choosing your deck! Each colour of deck will give you a different play style – red will give you an aggressive fight; blue will give you a chance to digivolve your monsters faster; yellow is all about control, and boosting your own Security level. Whatever you choose, learn your deck well, and dominate the board!


Digimon Digimon Digimon

Want to upgrate your preset deck? Make sure to buy some boosters to bump up your power and become the most powerful Tamer the world and digital world has ever known!


The official release of game boosters 1.0 has been moved up to February 12th, and more copies of the starter decks are coming out soon! Make sure to pre-order your boosters before they’re all gone!

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